Thomas Martin Loveder is an ambassador of AYCH programme in Plymouth, graduated in photography. He witnessed Plymouth’s creative hubs progression from the first creative jam and he would like to see what the future holds for AYCH.


Hi Tom, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Tom, so there’s a little about me… haha, so I’d like to think of myself as a pretty rounded person getting through life like anyone else would, learning new lessons and figuring out old ones. It is my passion for humanity & community, that fuels the ideas collated alongside research into subjects such as Photography, geometry, physics, 3D Design, the histories of both world religion & indigenous belief systems. This then drives my creative practice, which leads to engaging with a variety of different groups & projects working across the city of Plymouth that is being achieved with the creation of Free Radical Creations – Community Interest Company.

With my study of Photography at Plymouth College of Art for 5 years on both an Extended Diploma & Bachelor Honors Degree, coming to a close with graduating I was first introduced to AYCH. It was way back at the first creative Jam, which I still remember as a great day with so many interesting people and a great atmosphere for sharing ideas.

AYCH – what this mean to you?

AYCH for me is amongst many beacons of hope, hope towards a future of positive ingenuity in the social creative field where entrepreneurs can work together solving challenges and creating impact.

What do you think about the project?

From what I know of the AYCH project I can say my thoughts are that it’s absolutely brilliant, every experience delivered that I’ve been able to attend has been memorable for all the right reasons. A few of them being facilitating events with great enthusiasm making sure the engagements were diverse & thoroughly interesting, whilst also paying attention to inclusivity and organising safe external visits to places such as the Tate Modern.

I believe that international cooperation among young people is needed, in order to creatively solve world issues that we all currently face.  Young spirited people, need to come together and work on ways to keep pushing the creative boundaries by thinking outside the box in order to come up with creative solutions.

And how do you understand the role of Ambassador?

My understanding of a role as an ambassador is to carry my AYCH story and share that whenever it is appropriate and at every opportunity. I see my role continuing with my story growing and hope to be able to engage with more AYCH events that the future holds.


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