Are between 16 and 30 years old
Want to live an experience with young people with your same concerns
have an idea
Want to be part of an international community
Want to travel and acquire new skills

Complete your first level professional trip
Expand your contacts outside of your space
Have the opportunmity of going alone or in a group
Live in a different professional world



DATES: March-June and October-November
PLACE: Pintor Corredoira, 4 – 27002 – Lugo – Spain
HUB: Lug Open Factory
TYPOLOGY: audiovisual, photography, videography, cinema, 3D printing, web design, digital marketing, SEO, software and computer services, fablab of youthful technological leisure, social entrepreneurship …
Comments: You can enjoy a multidisciplinary team in a coworking space where more than ten startups are hosted. (+34) 982 023 078