Florent Orsoni, Directeur Ville Durable Design Lab de L’École du Design Nantes Atlantique ( Aych partner ) is a person concerned about education in all areas that it reaches young people in an effective way.

What can AYCH contribute to the current European Education System?

AYCH is a project which is “open”. Open source, open to everyone… Online. We need to build new paths to encourage people for entrepreneurhip or  daring to innovate in companies or in life. We are facing new challenges (climate change, AI…) which will need new answers, new ways of organisation. 

AYCH allows to take key ressources as design thinking, business model, but also key technologies to develop YOUR ideas and projects which tackle the everyday challenges we are facing. Ressources, cases studies (failures and success) will be examinated and we will try to set up an open model of educational collaboration between partners.   

Is It necessary that there are parallel models of Education for young people?

It is necessary because everyone is different. There is still a necessity to have roots in traditional education, but we have numerous opporunities with now computers & web give you direct access to knowledge. It allows to have numerous way to develop a project. 

How to manage the ressources, how to use it for my project ?  AYCH is a huge opportunity to enhance digital litteracy, to take the good ressources at the good moment. It’s a good opportunity to give power to young people to follow their own ways to develop project that make real sense. 

Transnational Education should be enhanced more and how can we get it?

We need to have shared & usable tools, but also different specialities. It’s an “hub” organisation : for my project in MEDIA, I will train in Plymouth, if I have textiles elements, I will discuss with Santo Tirso… etc. The idea is to have the most widest range of competences around a network of places following the same goals & almost the same process.  


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