by Vitaly Volodchenko

Camille Mansuy is AYCH Ambassador from Brest, France. She finished Brest Business School and now works on developing a project in the field of fashion and textiles.

When did you first time found out about the project?

I found out in February, my sister sent me an email that she received from a professor of my Business School where she was studying too.

Why did you decide to join?

It was a great opportunity for me to find help and share my fears and limits but also expectations with professionals and other people who also had a creative project. It was a chance to confront my project to the reality of the field.

How do you use opportunities that projects offer?

As I said, it’s a great opportunity to find help, in the construction thinking of your project. It’s really helpful when you don’t know how and where to start. It gave me real confidence in what I wanted to do and show me that I was capable of. Through the different steps of the project, we met professionals who were happy to share their experiences but also their network or their know-how.

What did you learn by taking part in the project activities?

The different project activities we had the chance to follow with AYCH bring us a new way of thinking to the obstacles that we can meet on our way, and I think it’s the most important thing for me. If it does not work in the way you imagined, you can always rethink and try again. You always learn from negative situations that can finally be seen as opportunities.

We’ve learned about all the different aspects that an entrepreneurs & freelancers can meet in their professional activities. Sometimes the notions can be difficult to understand but Pauline and Emilie who taught us during the activities have made the things very clear for us.

Finally, always being in a posture of open-mindedness is a key not only for the project but for life in general.

Do you feel the change that the project gave you to?

Yes of course! I really feel that I can accomplish my project thanks to AYCH. Thanks to all the people I’ve met, I am currently working on the first pre-series of my caps! I didn’t think this would happen so fast ! And it’s great.
I would like to thank my teammates, Pauline, Emilie and Gwenaëlle for being so supportive with us!


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