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AYCH Coordinator French Visit Odyssey


Every day we work interactively and collaboratively as an AYCH partnership, its vital to our mission. Our partners and their hubs are in four countries and stretch from Belfast in the north to Santo Tirso, near Porto in the south. We use interactive technologies regularly to reduce distance and keep us all working together. But sometimes nothing is better than meeting face-to-face to discuss things in depth, to experience the local environment and culture, and to build strong enduring relationships. We are careful to use this precious time wisely. This week I have visited our AYCH Partners in France.

Sunday 16 December – Exeter, UK to Brest, France

A day of travelling, thinking about the week ahead, chance encounters and practicing my school girl French.

  • Paris was fog-bound, every passenger had to switch-off their electronic devices, the pilots relaxed and the plane landed itself. Where would we have landed without this technology?
  • On the flight to next flight to Brest made a new friend from Germany, who like me has a role working for young people and loves German Christmas biscuits. Like a magician she produced a packet of Gewũrz-Spekulatious from her bag and gave them to me. Perhaps we will work together in the future?
  • Jumped in to a taxi, practiced my French and the driver practiced his English whilst we somehow managed to talk about the France v Russia handball match. Wondered if the taxi driver enjoyed the conversation as much as I did.
  • Later that evening ate on my own, ‘watched people’ at the Christmas Market and thought ahead to the business of the next day.

Monday 17 December – Brest to Rennes, France

A day of meetings, exploration and travel.

  • Met with the project partner from Brest Metropole and discussed in depth deliverables, commissioning, reporting, budgeting, working, problem solving, translation, meeting protocols and more. Agreed the steps we need to take.
  • We were joined by another Brest team member for lunch. We shared and reflected on the mornings discussion and talked about our different cultural approaches to lunch! Reminded myself that I need to think about what the working day looks like across AYCH.
  • Explored Brest and visited some of the facilities available to AYCH. Peered down on the ‘traditional’ industries around the shipyard and looked in to the future from the state-of-the-art cable car.
  • Settled on to the TGV to Rennes and typed my notes from earlier in the day.
  • Arrived in the hotel in Rennes but discovered my laptop did not like the insecure WiFi on offer. Read my paper notes and prepared for the next day.

Tuesday 18 December – Rennes to Nantes, France

Another day of meetings, exploration and travel.

  • Met the new project partner from Atlantic Cities for the first time and travelled by metro from the city centre to the University area of the town.
  • Enjoyed presentations from the talented team members, discussed AYCH values and plans for future delivery and was surprised that Papa Noel had included me in his deliveries to Atlantic Cities.
  • Ate in a busy local restaurant whilst we discussed AYCH, the locality, tomorrow’s meeting in Nantes and our different Christmas customs.
  • Explored Rennes, talked about the juxta-positioning of old and new architectural styles, employment and skills, cemented our relationship and got very wet.
  • Took the train to Nantes, returning to this city after only three months, arrived in torrential rain and took the tram for a few stops before using Google maps to find the hotel. How the city seems to have been changed by dark short days and Christmas activities.
  • Noticed the moon which looks as if it were suspended from a crane in the night sky.
  • Logged my phones and laptop to the hotel’s WiFi and caught up on the messages I had not been able to receive that day or the evening before. Checked AYCH progress on reporting. Thanked colleagues in Brest and Rennes for their warm welcome and their work.
  • Read John Steinbeck’s ‘Travels with Charley’ in a quiet corner of a nearby restaurant whilst eating something simple and tried to ‘switch off’.

Wednesday 19 December – Nantes, France

Another day of meetings but no travel and an enjoyable stroll across the Loire for work.

  • Set off early to meet our partner at L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique and arrived at the door with students and felt immediately welcomed in to a creative space.
  • Enjoyed presentations from students of two tools developed for AYCH – QUEST puzzle for facilitating discussion and planning participant journeys through AYCH options and Bright Mirror an ice-breaker ‘plus’ activity. So stimulating to work with creative, agile and enthusiastic young people.
  • Discussed L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique’s AYCH experiences and their discoveries about how AYCH has become embedded in the approach.
  • We were joined by the Chef de póle from the Pays de la Loire, and the Directors from L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique’s Care and Nouvelles Practiques Alimentaires Design labs, and colleagues from Atlantic Cities in time for diverse, informative and stimulating discussions over lunch.
  • Resumed the afternoon with discussions about Work Package 3 which focuses on the Capitalization of AYCH. Discussed how we could maximise the particular expertise and connections of the three key partners and the best way to utilise opportunities for all partners.
  • Travel arrangements for the following day were reworked in response to an unavoidable change of plans.
  • Said farewell to guests and partners before working with our host to complete our follow-up our Work Package 3 activities and briefly discuss workshop options for the second transnational Creative jam in Gijon next April.
  • Enjoyed the walk across the Loire back to the hotel reflecting on the day and thinking ahead to Thursday’s visit to Angouleme.
  • Worked through emails/messages and thanked colleagues and students in Nantes for their warm welcome and their work.

Friday 21 December – Paris to Exeter, UK

Flight to UK

  • Arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport with thousands of other passengers, some travelling for Christmas holidays and others diverting because of the closure of Gatwick, UK airport. Eventually arrived at the departure gate two and half hours later and ten minutes before boarding.
  • Continued reading John Steinbeck’s ‘Travels with Charley’ with occasional views through the clouds to the English Channel/Le Manche below and eventually the rural landscape around Exeter.
  • Sent emails to thank colleagues in Angouleme for the meeting and to send promised follow-up information and took a quick look at AYCH Basecamp to check if anything needed urgent attention.
  • Completed the post-trip administration.
  • Unpacked the Gewũrz-Spekulatious and began to feel a bit more Christmassy!


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As part of the incubation program in Brest, participants visited the ZAAT gallery. The gallery is tackling the issue of empty of vacant units in Brest, by organizing temporary exhibitions of local artists.

Participants had the opportunity to exchange with the artists and about their path towards professionalisation, talking about status, economy, activity and how to turn your passion into an activity.

This visit was organized in partnerhip with CitésLab, an agency supporting entrepreneurs in urban deprived areas.


The Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project begins its work with the youngest of the house.

Through AychKids this European project has several main objectives:

– Disseminate the values of aych to children throughout Europe.
– Create activities for the youngest that have relation with the new technologies.
– Contribute to the dissemination of the aychocean program among children to continue the struggle of a world without plastic.

Our project believes that education has to reach the whole society but that children have to find tools outside the academic environment, and even through European projects; It is important that the shared work of educating comes from different areas of our societies.

Soon we can enjoy the adventures of Drop and Friends. !!!

Justine – an entrepreneur in Brest

After the AYCH program, an activity creation!

Justine entered the CAE Chrysalide to develop her activity as a traveling public writer. Bravo!

The EAC, what is it?

“A cooperative of activities and employment accompanies and hosts on the legal, fiscal, social and accounting levels, entrepreneurs who wish to develop an economic activity.It proposes an individual and collective support to the development of the projects, with a status entrepreneur-se-employee is an alternative to individual entrepreneurship. ”

More info

Space*: reference centres of Aych in Southern England

Space* are the reference centers of Aych in southern England where young people have a wide range of activities to develop in their youth centers.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

We are really excited to announce our involvement in this innovative project. Working with partners across Europe we will
generate creative spaces for young people to come together and use design thinking and key enabling technologies
to generate skills, knowledge, and who knows… maybe change the world!

Each week we’ll be meeting in BidefordExmouth & Tiverton to do things like:
 Build, explore and play with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Coding, Soundscaping & 3D design
 Listen to expert speakers talk about technologies and their experiences in the industry
 Host ‘hands-on’ technical workshops and ‘experience days’ to spark inspiration in modern technologies
 Meet with international partners at least 3 times a year to work up ideas
 Connect young minds with the creative industry for the mutual benefit of both

More info here.


Involve young people from four European countries through the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) project of the Interreg Atlantic Area programme in initiatives to conserve the good environmental condition of its beaches. The second is to create educational and informative material, achieving an active and interventive communication of these values with the work of European youth.

To achieve these objectives the project invites all its partners to develop activities for the benefit of the conservation of the seas and oceans with special incidence in the problem of plastic in those fulfilling the commitment that the whole partnership has acquired in relation to the circular economy and on the basis of starting this common project.

This year the objective is to have a “sea of ideas” and for young people from all over Europe to prototype solutions for environmental problems.

The Volunteer Camp of the Cíes Islands of the General Directorate of Xuventude, Participation and Volunteering of the Xunta de Galicia and the National Park of Atlantic Illas of Galicia gathers 120 young people from all over Europe this summer to work in the Cíes Islands.

A wonderful experience for youth throughout Europe.

Soon you will have more news from us.


A new program for the young people of Plymouth will begin on August 3, a varied training offer that is both fun and entertaining.

  • A Mad Science Day.
  • An Introduction to Viral Stories by Rio.
  • An Introduction to AR app design.
  • Microbit Coding!
  • An Introduction to Virtual Reality.
  • Wonder Workshops an introduction to Engineering.
  • An Introdution to creative Digital Animation WorkShops.

This summer, be creative Explore, Lea rn and Make Digital Animations, Virtual Stories, Holograms, Microbit Coding, Virtual Reality (VR), 30 Printing, Fun Engineering and Create your own Augmented Reality (AR) App’s!


All boookings will be vieventbrite

{Co to www.eventbrite.co.uk and search Summer Mix’ )

Cleaning in Cortegada – National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia

Next week, we will present to the whole of Europe the objectives of Aych Ocean 2019 the project whose methodology will be developed in the 2019 Cies Field for the collection of garbage and its characterization.

José Fernández Bouzas, director of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, where this activity is carried out, has sent us information about the cleaning they have developed on the Island of Cortegada, belonging to the National Park.

Day of cleaning of beaches and coast rocks with Kayak Club of the Sea of ​​Bueu and Spain Kayak on the island of Cortegada within the framework of Project II Network for the conservation of the ecosystems of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia promoted by COBGA, PNMTIAG, Address General of Natural Heritage, Oceanographic of Vigo and Biodiversity Foundation, Pleamar Funds.

145.5 kg of rubbish were collected, specifically 50.7 kg of plastics, 6.3 kg of glass, 16.2 kg of metal, 17.2 mixing dirt, 50 kg of wood and 5 kg of pots.

It should be noted that 1,117 batch plastic sticks were collected, 182 small ears of ears, 36 beams, 10 hunting cartridges. As curiosity, hygiene, gin, 6 liter oil 18 liters of oil and a wheelbarrow appeared.

As we can see, there is a lot of work to do this year.

The Aych Ocean project is an Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project, Interreg Espacio Atlántico, which also seeks studies on our Atlantic ocean, find solutions to offer society about the protection of the environment and the fight against one’s plastic use from the point of view of European youth.

Aych will be present this year in the Campo de Cíes where he will develop environmental prototype days and his Creative Jam activity attended by experts from all over Europe.

The municipality of Gijón has started its work as we have previously announced in Aych Ocean, and we have been in Exmouth where Space * has shown its interest in carrying out environmental activities this year. In addition Asthon Community Trust in Belfast also wants to know about the Cies Camp project for export to northern Ireland, and Plymouth College of Art will send Luise Honey this summer as her ambassador to participate with us in Cies.

AYCH Kids Drawing Contest 2019

“The Atlantic Ocean, a sustainable environment for all!”


Atlantic Cities organises a drawing contest for children of
the following Atlantic countries:
Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.
Theme: “The Atlantic Ocean, a sustainable environment for all!”
Imagine the future of the Atlantic Seaside and express your creativity!
This contest is open to all children between 8 and 11 years old of public
and private schools. Participate and get a chance to win a sustainable gift
We believe youth has the power to change the world and inspire others.
Through this contest, our main goal is to raise awareness on sustainability
and environmental protection by giving a voice to children and allowing
them to showcase their creativity.