Identify who you are, where you are and what chance you have Within the European project AYCH (Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs), as a collaborator of the municipality of Gijรณn, partner of the project through is organizing a series of workshops on entrepreneurship and enabling technologies.

On October 30th we will offer the second part of this online workshop, on communication.

Pedro Perez Forcรฉn, event producer and cultural manager, will teach us social communication skills, which have become a basic tool of coexistence, learning and improvement of the person’s skills and, for this reason, his success or failure in multiple situations of the life.

Aspects such as coexistence in society, emotional intelligence, first impression, image and non-verbal communication, job interviews and C. V., online communications (email and videoconferencing) and social networks will be discussed.

In this second session, you will see the skills app to job interviews, work environments and communications and social networks.