Aych’s independent evaluator

by Xosé L. Garza (Chair of Communication)

An important part of our project happens in its continuation: its legacy. Obviously we would not be talking about it if the results were not optimal, but for Aych’s partners it was the best project that Interreg has had, but it is not enough for us to say so.

In addition to our users, our young people, there are independent professionals who evaluate each part of a project, have meetings with partners, attend events, beyond the first level controllers or local audits.

Jo Wright, is one of them, he was selected to make a meticulous continuous evaluation of our project that went beyond creating a final report, he has been demanding but at the same time conciliatory and has always provided us with solutions from his point of view in order for us to meet Aych’s objectives and goals, although sometimes it was not easy.

Here we make their job public:


We continue with our informative October, explaining the resultos of our AYCH project.


During the month of October we will try to explain the results of our AYCH project


We start the new course and Aych meets again to evaluate the past and prepare for the future.

Partners from the four European countries are investigating new possibilities for the project and the works that have been carried out so far in the capitalization of the project.


The Aych methodology of the design Thinking continues to create opportunities in the design of projects for climate change in the @pnillasatlanticas. An activity by @xuventudegalicia

Puede ser una imagen de 1 persona


Welcome in a one week drawing workshop Residence with AYCH at Grand Angoulême, France. Discover this experience through this video realised by the students of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.



Our partners Vida Láctea and Município de Santo Tirso are doing an international residency this week. As part of the international residency programme of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs AYCH project from Interreg Atlantic Area, those young people who develop a project in one of the project’s hubs can travel to another partner’s hub to receive training and develop their ideas at no cost.
On this occasion, Santo Tirso welcomes young people from Vida Lactea from yesterday the 24th to Friday the 28th.


Gunes Okcelik, a former volunteer of our partner Vida Láctea, explains his experience within the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs AYCH Project. Gunes arrived to the AYCH project in collaboration with Interreg Volunteer Youth – IVY, he was 5 monhts involved in the development of Communicative tasks and local creative jams with the hub of Vida Láctea.


Here you can find different sources to consult information about Interreg Atlantic Area ‘s Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs AYCH project: objectives, results, experiences, etc.
“We want to keep alive the amazing work which has been produced by young people involved in AYCH, their products, accomplishments and hopes and dreams and promote the methodology, tools and motivations which have enabled this to happen. Importantly, we want to leave a living legacy where we continue with our mission and share our learning and tools freely.”