by Anna Szlendak

Today we are talking with Luc, an AYCH Ambassador in Korea.

Hi Luc, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I graduated 4 years ago in both urban planning and European project management within the university of Lille. This education gave me a good knowledge of EU communication rules, institutions and policies and I looked forward to start working in European cooperation. But a professional opportunity made me start my career in the managing of an eco renovation platform promoting energy efficiency in buildings. Even if this experience was really interesting, I always wanted to go back to my original study and volunteering for AYCH Interreg project was the good opportunity to do this and I have to say that it has greatly exceeded my expectations.

How did you discover AYCH?

I was looking for a mission abroad, especially in Spain, so I first found out about the project through the Interreg Volunteer Youth programme. It gave the opportunity to be enrolled in a 6 months volunteer mission in the AYCH project at Vida Lactea.

Why should exist programmes like AYCH?

I think it is a new way to see education and propose something complementary. To better find a job or to create your own business, you also need to have soft skills that are easier to develop in such programmes like AYCH

What opportunities does AYCH offers in your opinion to young people?

It offers the opportunity to learn and create at the same thing without the risk or fear to lose (like money). It is also a good way to gain self esteem.

What did it give to you?

Among the fact that this experience was the best way to learn or practice new languages, it was also a good way to improve my skill like team work and communication skills, that is to say, be able to explain my ideas and try to sense or understand how others feel, based on what they are saying or by their body language. It was particularly true during the transnational activities with the other European partners, where diplomacy and mutual understanding were the key of everything.

What are your current plans? Can you tell me a little about your future ideas?

AYCH has been a strong asset for boosting my career. Thanks to AYCH, I found a job in School of architecture as a manager of the international affairs, and thanks to this I then get a job at the French embassy in Korea. It is a 2 years contract, so now I’m focusing on that job and I will think in two years.


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