On Thursday 10th October evening the Aych Coordinator, Oenone Thomas, was invited to the launch of the University of Exeter’s new Entrepreneurship Centre. It’s always a pleasure for me to return to the campus where I studied for an MSc in Sustainable Development and was accepted for the Leadership module of the One Planet MBA. Thursday night was especially exciting and relevant because of the strong synergies between AYCH and the new centre. Just take a look at this short video: http://business-school.exeter.ac.uk/research/centres/entrepreneurship/

The guest speaker was Deborah Meadon of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006vq92

She spoke about the ‘role of the entrepreneur in society’ and took non-stop questions from a very engaged audience. It was a wonderful evening with far too much to report on here. But I did take the opportunity to mention AYCH to her. Perhaps we can follow-up on that?!

According to Deborah you can spot an entrepreneur because they are:

  • Very interested in everything around them – they scan their horizon
  • A bit restless and random – they can’t stand still
  • Always learning
  • Full of emotional intelligence
  • Able to spot a good idea and turn it in to a business

Importantly, Deborah believes that biggest problem that entrepreneurs can help solve at the moment is Climate Change.  It’s a challenge for us all and AYCH can play a part  in that.



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