Today we are talking with Komal Khan, an AYCH ambassador in Gijón.


Hi Komal, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I just completed my master recently, it was Erasmus Mundus master, it was focused in sustainable transportation, electric and electrical power systems. I conducted my master thesis in a topic of using of the blockchain for energy trading purposes. I also used some IoT technologies to complete my project. That was my master, now I am a PhD candidate, recently I just signed my contract, I received governmental scholarship in Spain for my PhD studies in the same field. So I am trying to create a platform that I have already designed, trying to add more features to my design and propose it to the market.

What do you know about AYCH programme?

I already participated last year in Creative Jam, it was organised in Gijón and it was very interesting and motivating experience. Through AYCH you can find new methodologies, new ideas, different approach and opinions and all of that AYCH tries to coordinate and arrange. It encourages young people to come up with new ideas to make this world a better place to live in. So last year it was very inspiring and I had an opportunity to gave a workshop connected to the topic of my thesis. I used  an algorithm programme, it was a visual programming tool and basically my workshop taught about using of that programme. I liked that, because in this way you can present your knowledge and in the same time you can integrate different ideas. You presents something and maybe someone who is in the audience can be inspired by your idea and create some new solutions in the future. I think it is a very good opportunity, so I am delighted to participate and to contribute to this programme.

What is being an AYCH ambassador for you?

Being an AYCH ambassador is to participate in something that I want other people to involve in as well. It is a social interaction for me. I am working in the scientific field, but you can´t only see academic approach, it is also needed to expose your ideas in other environment, with people less connected with scientific work. You can enhance your knowledge; maybe you will find better solutions.  I am proud that I can represent AYCH programme as an ambassador.

What are your future plans?

I’ll continue my research work and join academics for the training of our youth to prepare them in the field of technology. Moreover, I am intended to mentor specially the females to increase their participation in STEMS field.



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