Joao is an AYCH ambassador in Santo Tirso. He was 4 years old when he decided to become a fashion designer and he never changed his mind. He had the opportunity to work with many professionals of the fashion industry in Portugal, with his school projects, national and international fashion contests. In 2018 he made his first fashion collection for Spring Summer 19 entitled “Filhos do Lago” and had an opportunity to make the first debut show at Bloom, the platform for young fashion designers in Portugal Fashion Week. In 2019 he returned to Portuguese fashion week with his vision for Fall Winter 19 “Refuge” collection, highlighted by Vogue Italia as one of the best of PTFW Winter Season.

Joao, why did you choose fashion designing as a career?

Since I was a child I always was doing creative things in school and home. My family is involved in the fashion industry and arts, so I grew up with the idea of becoming a fashion designer. I started my journey as a designer in Porto Fashion School and I started to develop myself professionally. I love work with solid colours as cream and white and do lots of handmade things to transform my pieces in exclusive garments for my clients.

How did you discovered AYCH?

I discovered AYCH because I was in Fábrica de Santo Thyrso hub and someone from the project presented me the idea, I liked it and joined it.

AYCH it’s an amazing opportunity of developing your project and connecting with young people from other countries and backgrounds. It helps to discover new things, cultures, and inspirations.

What do you think about the project? Does international cooperation among young people is needed?

Yes! When I was in Plymouth in January I absolutely loved the experience! Being an ambassador of my project and the Portuguese fashion industry makes me proud of my journey!

And how do you understand the role of Ambassador?

I think that an ambassador should support other to not give up of their dreams and projects. I am not able to support them financially or with “job stuff” because I don’t have professional background. But at least I can give other hope and a “don’t give up” message, for me it is amazing to feel supported!

How do you see your role in the project in near future?

I hope to be able to travel to other countries and represent my country and my work! I think it would be an interesting opportunity!



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