Space* are the reference centers of Aych in southern England where young people have a wide range of activities to develop in their youth centers.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

We are really excited to announce our involvement in this innovative project. Working with partners across Europe we will
generate creative spaces for young people to come together and use design thinking and key enabling technologies
to generate skills, knowledge, and who knows… maybe change the world!

Each week we’ll be meeting in BidefordExmouth & Tiverton to do things like:
 Build, explore and play with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Coding, Soundscaping & 3D design
 Listen to expert speakers talk about technologies and their experiences in the industry
 Host ‘hands-on’ technical workshops and ‘experience days’ to spark inspiration in modern technologies
 Meet with international partners at least 3 times a year to work up ideas
 Connect young minds with the creative industry for the mutual benefit of both

More info here.

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