On Saturday took place the Bideford creative jam, unfortunately due to a massive storm in UK, a lot of participants could not attend.

However, terrible weather did not stop everyone and for those who got there, a lot of creative workshops were waiting. That day a knowledge of areas such as Programming, Virtual Art, 3D engines, 3D printing and more, was shared.

One of the participants, Carl, was particularly impressed by the use of virtual headset that put you into a simulation of a school that then imposed issues onto the user. Things like a sense of dyslexia, showing how words are not clear to the user, things like hypersensitivity to light, aiming to simulate how things look to someone who lives with that issue, also things like anxiety were explored. He summed it up saying that it is hard to grasp how others perceive the world around them, and whilst this virtual world cannot put you in their shoes directly it can give you a better understanding of how things like dyslexia and anxiety play a part in worldly perception.

After all, the wind and rain didnยดt stop the share of ideas and knowledge and some of people come back home with heads and hearts full of a new experience.


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