BeWell is  a project developed in the frame of the Campus Terra of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, in collaboration with the partner of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs Project in Lugo, Vida Láctea, SLU.

After 20 years of research, BeWell services reach the agri-food sector through its innovative animal welfare evaluation system. With up to 72 aspects evaluated,  it is facing a unique system for its monitoring of environmental variables and its measurement of animal activity with infrared sensors. The system combines the advantages of environment-based protocols and those based on the animal’s response to that environment.

Using this protocol, advice is offered to intensive livestock farms, with the ultimate aim of improving their productive and economic efficiency on the principles of animal comfort.

BeWell customers who comply with the protocol can access the animal welfare + seal, developed by the promoter team at USC, guaranteeing strict animal welfare standards. In addition, interaction with the consumer is promoted through a QR code that provides information on animal welfare at each stage of the production process.

BeWell services are grouped into 3 strategic lines:

  • Advice – in the advisory area, offers support to livestock farms to improve both the air quality parameters of the accommodation and animal welfare. On the other hand, we carry out part of our activity in the field of animal welfare certification, both through a USC brand of guarantee that will soon be released, and with preparatory work to obtain other recognized brands. All these works are based on the in situ measurement of a multitude of indicators on farms and backed by a deep scientific-practical knowledge.
  • Disclosure – in the dissemination part, offers both individual and collective training in the topics in which we are specialized, the management of the environment on farms and animal welfare.
  • • R&D – design and installation of experimental tests for scientific purposes in:
    • Monitoring, modelling and control of environmental, animal and productive variables in livestock farms.
    • Measurement of concentration and emission of GHG gases and other harmful gases such as NH3 from livestock activity.
    • Animal welfare.
    • renowable energies sustainability and energy efficiency in rural areas.


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