by Xosé L. Garza (Chair of Communication)

An important part of our project happens in its continuation: its legacy. Obviously we would not be talking about it if the results were not optimal, but for Aych’s partners it was the best project that Interreg has had, but it is not enough for us to say so.

In addition to our users, our young people, there are independent professionals who evaluate each part of a project, have meetings with partners, attend events, beyond the first level controllers or local audits.

Jo Wright, is one of them, he was selected to make a meticulous continuous evaluation of our project that went beyond creating a final report, he has been demanding but at the same time conciliatory and has always provided us with solutions from his point of view in order for us to meet Aych’s objectives and goals, although sometimes it was not easy.

Here we make their job public:


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