by Xosé L. Garza (Chair of Communication)

This is the last AYCH event! Its mission is to collectively design a desirable future for Europe. (registration link)

The first Challenge of our Youth Summit week is about Social Entrepreneurship. Young European professionals will demonstrate through inspiring projects that entrepreneurship using resources in a responsible way is possible with the example of the blue economy. The second day of our Youth Summit week is about will look at innovative and inspiring  approaches to education and work and how they can impactfully shape our society. Designing now for better Tomorrow!. This third day will explore the ways we will work from now on and the news skills that are required. How do we see into the future and prepare for the unknown? Gather your crystal ball, because these are the questions that we will try to answer during this event to map how the workforce of tomorrow is going to be!. And the last day: 30 recommendations for a Creative Europe > The objective of this facilitated discussion is to bring together the work of Challenges 1, 2, 3, and to collectively design an official declaration to raise at a European level in the name of young people.

Will young people be able to meet the challenges of the future Europe? Have they appreciated non-formal education as another important opportunity for their development? Will they be able to develop the work of the future? Will they provide solutions to youth unemployment in Europe? …

This transnational event will be in the Brest Metropole as host partner and has been masterfully designed by project manager Philippine Mahe de L’École de Design Nantes-Atlantique and will be led by project manager Callum Elliot from Space*, partners of our project.

At the same time, Space* has created a virtual exhibition through a multimedia platform where we will be able to enjoy Aych’s last exhibition from Monday, March 22, before the end of the project; the direction of this great work has been Richard Doak.

Some partners have been working on Aych’s Legacy led by one of the project’s ideologues, Florent Orsoni, laying the methodological foundations for Aych’s results to have dimension beyond the project’s completion.

You will be able to see these results at the Final Conference of the project that will be on March 26 in the morning (registration link).

Picture: Brest WebSite ©Frederic Le Mouillour