by Xosé L. Garza (Chair of Communication)

Every so often in our project we have a good habit of traveling and meeting to see and study as our Aych and what we have to do.

Normally, the host partner has everything ready for us to arrive and start working. The simple thing would be for one of us to make a public presentation of the issues and then open a debate, this sounds very democratic and parliamentary, but no, it is not so easy.

Our sessions are of intense work, with an innovative methodology where we all contribute, we all create and there is no time left for the smartphone.

The magician of the Design Thinking Methodology in our meetings comes from L’Ecole de Design Nantes-Atlantique, a dynamic Corsican (the Corsicans have always been belligerent), which makes us work through cooperative dynamics.

It divides us into groups, we analyze, we criticize, we give solutions and we make decisions. And what do we have in the end? Above all the satisfaction of having contributed all in everything and worked all in everything.

The parliamentary system that exists in other projects in ours is not valid, it is not real; we are required more and we also want to learn. The spirit of non-formal learning of the Aych project begins here, in the methodology that its partners work in the meetings.

Indeed, the feeling is very gratifying, a pleasant feeling that tells us that even when we meet we are innovative.

Our last steering committee in Angoulême has been a good example of this: good organization of the host, involvement of the partners, working time and the revitalization of Florent as a road map.


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