During Lockdown our AYCH groups still met up via Google hangouts. The first couple weeks were challenging, we didn’t have the equipment we needed and we all had to adjust to the virtual meetings. Luckily we had Rich, who not only supported us with our projects, but was always there to talk to through the difficulties of lockdown. As a group we slowly adapted and began working on our individual projects again. During our weekly meetings we would talk about our projects and any progress or difficulties we had. Everyone in our group has a diverse range of knowledge and skills, so despite our projects being quite different we always try and help one another out where we can. Over the past couple weeks we have begun having business talks presented by Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos has been teaching us about different aspects of business, he shows examples from popular businesses, such as Apple, Oreo and Google and explains what marketing methods they used to become the recognisable and trusted brands they are today. Carlos’ talks have been helping us to think deeper about our projects and how as groups and individuals we plan to move through the next couple months of incubation.

We have been working online and recently at the youth club on the Hydroeco prototype and designing the new fablab at the Exmouth youth center. Laura has been working with the expert Fiona on the 360 model and we have 3D printed a couple of prototypes.

Lucy has made the logo design for the new fab lab and vinyl cut it out while Rich and Tom finished building it.

Tom has been working with Rich to build the Lab putting together the units and making decisions on the layout of the space. He also took home the 3D scanner over lockdown to work out how it works.

At AYCH Space, we have got off to an amazing start with our French friends at Brest Metropole and Loca music with input from Daisi’s peer music educators in incubation with us. This is a 7-week project with young musicians from France and the UK coming together to make music over the internet, with as diverse styles as hip-hop, rock, indie, and electronica coming together to collaborate. We hope in 7 weeks to have made a concert piece to be performed at the AYCH’s finale event in Brest France Feb 2021.