The aim of the AYCH residencies is to provide an immersion experience as part of the Incubator Program and the Non-formal Education Plan. The participants get the chance to benefit from the expertise available in one of the AYCH Hub to significantly develop their project, connect with experts and like minded young people and discover a new city in the Atlantic Area.

You can participate?

  • Young people aged between 16 and 30 years old.
    1. Under 18’: with permission from their legal guardians; they can do the residency if they are accompanied by a responsible person from their own hub..
    2. Over 18’: they can make the residences inside or outside their own country. 
  • Must have completed the 3 first months of the AYCH incubation programme
  • Be an AYCH ambassador or willing to become one, if not one already.
  • Be successful in the selection process put out by all partners for the Incubation and compliant with Atlantic Area Interreg requirements
  • Great opportunity for young people (YP) to travel and meet others .
  • Makes best use of the skills and specialism of hubs to support the YP’s ideas
  • Great opportunity for YP to immerse themselves in different aspects of the project and expertise. Flexibility, breadth of expertise and opportunities available to YP. Transnational nature of the activity and perspectives, and meet people from across the Atlantic Area Member States.


BELFAST: 22/07 – 9/08
BREST: 17/06 – 21/06
GRAND ANGOULEME: 08/07 – 19/07
LIVERPOOL: 12/08 – 25/08
LUGO: 01/06 – 23/06 and 14/08 – 21/08
PLYMOUTH: 24/06 – 28/06
SANTO TIRSO: 15/07 – 19/07




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