Founded in 1898, the Santo Tirso Spinning Mill and Fabrics was one of the most emblematic factories of the Ave Valley, the heart of the Portuguese Textile and Clothing.

Located on the left bank of the river Ave, and close to the city center, the factory is an essential reference in the collective memory of Santo Tirso and a fundamental space to understand the development and the industry of the region.

The urban and economic development of the municipality of Santo Tirso is closely associated with an intense industrial activity which is mainly concentrated in the textile sector.

The Santo Tirso Factory is a symbol of the connection of the city and the textile industry at a time when it was understood as a symbol of progress, economic growth and a promoter of important social changes.

The Santo Tirso Factory project is inspired by some of the most interesting policies and current urban revitalization and development strategies with a clear focus on the relationship between cultural and creative development of industries and urban regeneration processes in cities.

The different projects that integrate the regeneration process of this city block are destined to be a work and business space, a space for experimentation and innovation, a cultural and leisure space at the same time. Through this diverse, multifunctional and dynamic union (meeting services, shops and restaurants) it is possible to offer a creative, solid and attractive space in the Santo Thyrso factory, based on fashion-related activities.

Innovation and creativity function as differentiating and facilitating factors in the various fields of contemporary activity, being able to guarantee proactive and sustainable solutions based on the most inexhaustible energy in a universe marked by competitiveness but also by the renewal of new challenges, having imagination And be human. creativity at the service of society.

Fashion and design and, in general, creative industries are today assumed as fields of applied research, capable of integrating technology and values, conceptual innovation and business strategy, local solutions and global perspectives. The focus on creativity as a differentiator and resource enhancer is decisive.

This is where the AYCH HUB of the MunicipalY of Santo Tirso is located, an impressive space where young people can find advice, training, residences, internships, … in the field of creativity.


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