Every year thousands of students and young professionals from all over the world come to Spain to obtain a relevant work experience, improve their language skills or live an experience. 

AYCH Campus connects young people and companies. If you would like to discover work environment of your field of interest and to create a business network with professionals and other young people, we invite you to Lugo!

The objective of AYCH Campus is to create a place of thinking and design of ideas, connected with company visits. Participants will have an opportunity to benefit from experience available in one of AYCH Hubs to develop their own projects and to connect with experts and other young people. It is also an opportunity to discover a new city in Atlantic Area.

The programme gives you invaluable insights into different roles and industries. With us you can gain confidence and transferable/ technical/ creative/ enterprise skills. We will help you progress your personal projects, build your own business and create professional network.

What are my incomes?

  • Your product and/or ideas will progress
  • You will build professional networks
  • You we will share our experiences, knowledge and skills with other participants
  • You will get a better understanding of the professional field
  • You will experiment a personal and proffesional ‘grow’ as a result of the experience
  • You will improve your language knowledge and soft skills.

During this week you will learn different techniques and methods which will help you to develop your project or shape new ideas.

We will establish with you a methodology of work to develop your capacities.

You will also create your business network and get a better understanding of what professionals in the field are doing.