After 4 years, the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project of INTERREG Atlantic Area is coming to an end.

Under the direction of Hilda Zara, professor and researcher at the City Design Lab of one of the project partners, L’école de design nantes atlantique; together with the Communication Department and the Lead Partner, she has created a document that summarizes the contributions of the project and in particular the entrepreneurial skills developed by the young people of the Atlantic area.


“This book is a reservoir of many memories, experiences, people, places, and good practice. Most of all it is a reminder that with opportunity, resources, encouragement and respect all young people can be innovative, ambitious, world-aware, creative and our future.” –  Oenone Thomas, Lead Partner of the AYCH Project.


This book, entitled “Learning Through Entrepreneurship: A Creative Approach” highlights the unique role that young people play in developing ideas, as well as the different opportunities that AYCH has provided them over the past years. In the same way, key aspects of the project are addressed, such as the incubation processes in the different countries that make up AYCH, or creative jams, transnational events that bring together hundreds of young people and experts of various nationalities in the same place.

Thanks to the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project, hundreds of young people have been able to benefit from an international set of experts, technologies and informal methodologies; that have allowed a constant entrepreneurial development.


This publication is the opportunity to testify to an extraordinary educational adventure.”-  Florent Orsoni, Director del City Design Lab de L’École de design Nantes Atlantique


Undoubtedly “Learning through entrepreneurship: a creative approach” gives a solid image to the AYCH project, highlighting the great work carried out by both the project partners and their young people, achieving enormously interesting figures such as more than 300 workshops of various types offered or more than 145 jobs achieved for European youth.


“This book represents the need of accompany young people on a journey of the future.”– Xosé L. Garza Silvela Chair of Communication AYCH Project.


The book is available online and has been published in more than 500 copies for the various partner centres of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project.


“The book shows how young people can unlock their creative potential as they make, prototype, test their ideas and have fun! The book celebrates young people’s capacity to shape their own professional future and contribute towards a more sustainable world…” Hilda Zara – Author of the book 

“Learning Through Entrepreneurship: A Creative Approach”