by Anna Szlendak

Today we are talking with Patryk Swiatczack, who is an AYCH Ambassador in Plymouth Collage of Art.

Hi, Patryk. How did you discover AYCH?

I am on third year of my studies, making  now two movies for my graduation project. I am also doing some photography work and other smaller projects on a side. I worked for AYCH last year, I captured the creative jam in France for them with my camera. For AYCH it was kind of advertisement at that time and I covered my professional practise that way.

What do you think about that Creative Jam?

I think they are doing fascinating things, they allow young people to come out with their projects and ideas. They contribute to creative industries by bringing those projects and ideas to life, by presenting those ideas as prototypes. I am amazed by how a lot of technology they use to develop the project. I remember that from my university one of the students worked during that Creative Jam on a robotic arm, it was really interesting.

How would you describe a role of ambassador?

I think the role of ambassador is to promote AYCH in any way I can, so for example by our conversation right now.  Unfortunately, I am not so active ambassador, there are definitely more active people, but now I am more focus on finishing my studies. However I still think that what AYCH do is great, because they just make things happen.

What do you think about the project?

I can say that I witnessed all those small AYCH projects around. I participated in Creative Jam in France and in another local one in Plymouth. I think there is a lot of young people interested in those jams, the warehouse where the local jam took place was packed, so there were so many young, creative people out there.


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