by Anna Szlendak

Today we are talking with Fernanda Pasos Warttmann, who is an AYCH Ambassador in Santo Tirso.

Can you shortly introduce yourself? How did you discover AYCH?

I´m a fashion designer for about 3 years now, although I have been working with fashion for a long time. I have always loved everything that involves fashion even when studying and working in other areas I have always had fashion as a passion. I loved creating my own unique and personalized clothes, I like to draw attention to this aspect. What I value in my work as a designer is just that: creating unique pieces. Give the consumer freedom to interact with the piece, co-create it. I believe that there is a much greater connection between the user and the clothes. Clothing in my opinion should be used as a tool for creativity and not be that fixed thing that defines how you always are. One day we are more in the mood for more basic clothes and the next, who knows, we are more in a mood to incorporate the romantic muse inside us, right? We have to have the freedom to interact and permeate between our wardrobe and be whoever we want, whenever we want.

I discovered AYCH by chance. I saw a post I think on Facebook and I thought the initiative was incredible. As I already had these ideas of creating a brand with all these premises, I thought it would be a good time to take the project out of the drawer and take it forward. I was very happy when my project was selected for the Program and I went head on!

What is AYCH for you?

AYCH for me is a very good program, it made my project go up in a way that I didn’t think it would be so fast. Of course, the opportunity comes only when we really want it to happen. I entered the Program with great desire that everything went well and did everything to make it a success, I knew how to use the tools very well and resulted in the launch of my brand. The opportunities that the Program proposed were very useful and enriching in addition to being a great initiative for young people who have an idea and do not have much knowledge of how to start and organize everything correctly. This type of youth initiative is wonderful, and gives us hope of being great entrepreneurs and being able to exercise our creativity with the know-how of those already in the job market.

What do you think about the project?

International cooperation was a great asset for the Project. It is an excellent opportunity to expand networking and hear what other young people have to say about your project and also about your own projects. Nowadays the world is super connected, so there must be this international “bridge”.

And how do you understand the role of Ambassador?

As an ambassador, I believe my job is to spread my success on the Project and encourage other young people to do the same. There is no point in being afraid of being slapped by the world. We young people have a broader and more connected world view than before. We are able to think of incredible projects with solutions to real problems. There is now the possibility of having intellectual support and that can provide us with a preparation for investors. I think the fact that my project has taken on real proportions and left the paper, makes me a great example of what can work, and that is a great incentive.

How do you see your role in the project in near future?

My role with my project in the future is essential. I will still be present at all stages of the processes that make up my brand. I am currently a one-person company, I do absolutely everything from all sectors. With the launch of the brand, growth will come. Soon I will increase my team and delegate functions, but I will always be together, even if it gets to the point where the company has legs to walk alone. I do not want the essence of the brand to be lost, which has everything to do with the values ​ of sustainability in its production and development.


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