by Xosé L. Garza (Chair of Communication)

In the Europe of convulsions provoked by the unconsciousness of political solitude, projects such as AYCH emerge, showing that reason is on the side of those who come after our steps: young people.

A year ago the European youth was working to find solutions to problems that our old continent has, our cities, our Atlantic ocean, … creating prototypes that with imagination and creativity are surprising us very pleasantly.

From the United Kingdom we are told about applications to achieve people’s empathy, from Spain they tell us that they are prototyping so that emigration that comes to our Europe has other opportunities, and so we could list hundreds of ideas that aych is producing and that will be known in this 2019.

As usual, reality surpasses dreams, puts in its place the need and the ambition to create a new model that goes beyond the education that young people receive today. Aych is above all a creative space managed by partners from four countries where young people can develop their ideas regardless of their origin, training, ideology … Young people who come to us have clear that if they do not have training we give it, if they want to learn we accompany them, if they want to share we help them and if they want to do we are there; always with a transnational zeal that surpasses even what is imaginable.

But Aych is even an exercise in high international politics where the political decisions of some are far below what is really true; the reality of a convulsed Europe in recent times is far below the aspirations of all young people who meet in our project because the ultimate goal is to create a new Europe, and begin as in everything, by the foundations.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs ( is a project co-financed by the European Regional by Development Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Space program that takes place in France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


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