Atlantic Europe has spent some time at home worried about the future that will come after the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. This is a good opportunity for us to do many that we would like to do and have never done for lack of time.

Our Atlantic youth observe through their digital windows a world passing by day by day, and from time to time they look out the windows of the reality of their places, their towns, their cities.

We want you to teach us what you see from your windows, we want to teach the world what we see through our windows in this moment of isolation: loneliness, a passing dog, the sun, the street … whatever you want.
And what will we do with those photographs?

We will first publish them on our social networks.

And then we will print them and it has occurred to us to make a traveling exhibition in four countries: France, Portugal Spain and the United Kingdom.

Do you like the idea? … Participate!
Who can participate?
The activity is open to young people between the ages of 16 and 30 who live in the Atlantic Cities of Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
How can you participate?

You only need to send a photograph through the mail: or in Aych Club platform.

Or privately on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, accompanied by your name, your age and the town where you live.

IMPORTANT: the photograph must be current and taken from your window.

* Note: Only one photograph per participant will be registered.
Activity regulations:

Photographs need to meet the following requirements:
→ Have a minimum creative and aesthetic quality.
→ It cannot be retouched.
→ Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG


The prize will be to participate in the Atlantic Youth Summit to be held in Brest (France) in 2021.


Transnational Jury: The Jury will be made up of one member from each country of the AYCH Project [Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom].

By entering our Atlantic Windows, you agree to make public the photograph you entered and the competition results.

We will receive photographs until May 1, 2020

(*)In case of receiving photographs that do not belong to young people between the established ages, we will publish them but they will not participate in the contest.


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