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Today Richard Doak visits us to talk about his work at Aych and with young people from Devon County. Space works in several centres directly with the young people and Richard makes a personalized accompaniment that motivates them in their futures.

Can you tell us what is your work in Space and how do you work with young people?

My role is AYCH Project lead worker. I am a qualified Senior youth support worker with a specialism in music technology,  I am also a sports coach, archery teacher and climbing instructor. I have been working with young people for over 8 years,  running various successful Youth projects mainly around music delivery in the wider community. The way I work with young people is to allow them the opportunity to make their own decisions and mistakes on the way the projects they are part of go. My role is to facilitate, Inspire and support their ideas and decisions, helping them to reflect and evaluate their learning.

How do you think that Aych can change the life of the young people you work with?

Here in Devon, we are part of a large rural community. We took the decision at space to take this project away from the cities and out into the wider community giving young people in smaller towns, A chance to have their voices heard. We have created 3 hubs in which the AYCH  project will work from trying to spread them out across the county of Devon. One in the North, One in the south and one in the middle of the County. All of these areas face rural deprivation, poor transport networks, high youth unemployment and a disconnect from the wider UK. With this international Project, we hope to encourage young people to see a bigger picture and connect them with a wider community using are skills as youth workers and utilising modern communications technologies.

What do yo think that can ben the advantages for young people when forming part of a transnational project?

For young people in our county, the opportunity to gain real skills relevant to today’s job market is key.  The opportunity to work across countries is a concept unfamiliar to the young people I am working with. For example, as we prepare to take our group of young entrepreneurs to the next creative jam in Spain 3 out of the 5 young people do not have a passport or access to the internet in their home.  Through the AYCH Project, I can support them through the first ever trip abroad opening new horizons to their outlook. The chance for them to meet other young entrepreneurs from across Europe is an exciting one and for them to gain experiences with professionals from all walks of life is an opportunity not to be missed.



Today a person with a long career in the configuration of European projects answers our questions. Enrique Rodríguez is the Head of the Department of International Initiatives and European Affairs of the City of Gijón, one of the two partners of Aych in Spain.

The City Council of Gijón already has extensive experience in European projects, what makes Aych different from the rest of the projects?

The AYCH Project has an aspect that makes it different and attractive and is that it works directly with people, with young people in our environment. This element makes AYCH a project that is close, direct and much easier to transmit. Sometimes European projects are abstract or excessively technical, but with AYCH we find a project close to the citizen. The beneficiaries of the project will participate in transnational meetings, training projects, and they will have the opportunity to meet other young people, as well as trainers from other European countries. At a time when the European project is being questioned, this closeness is, without a doubt, the most outstanding element.

Tell us briefly how you think Aych may be important for young Asturians.

One of the data that appears in the project is the high rate of unemployment among young people in the European Atlantic region, especially in Spain. Well, from Gijón we believe that AYCH can be a piece that contributes to the development of activities among young people that encourage the start-up of projects of a business nature. The interaction between the activities that are launched in the project with other local initiatives are very important for the consolidation of ideas that may arise in the Creative Transnational Jams. In addition, these projects could also have the European added value that any of the proposals resulting from all the exchanges and training that may occur during the life of the project may have.

The Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project is aimed at young people from 14 to 30 years old. Is there a concrete profile of participation in the project and could you advance what is the closest thing you are going to do from the City Council of Gijón for these young people?

In our case we have decided to bet on the development of the project in the field of industries and services 4.0 in order to seek synergies and meetings both with other projects that are being developed in Gijon, and with local partners with whom we have been collaborating in multiple initiatives . Specifically, the collaboration with the University through two Chairs, Gijón Smart and Gijón Media Lab, is fundamental. The young people who participate in the AYCH project, in their Creative Jams, come essentially from this collaboration with the University. Throughout the project there will be more activities that will allow us to collaborate with other social entities and other profiles of young people. This is one of the strong points of the project. The diversity of young people who can participate in it.

AYCH at the Education and Training Exhibition of Santo Tirso


From the 18th to the 21st of April, the Municipality of Santo Tirso, one of the partners of Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs, hosted the 1st Exhibition of Education and Training of Santo Tirso, where AYCH was presented.

This Exhibition, which was predominantly aimed at Young People, introduced different educational and training offers. For that purpose, it had the presence of 40 institutions, including 21 Universities, 14 schools, 2 qualifications centers and other institutions that support the network of education, training and entrepreneurship.

AYCH was promoted in this event at the Invest Santo Tirso STAND in order to inform young people about its activities and value. The Invest Santo Tirso program was created in May 2015, with the aim of boosting the county’s economic development and job creation. During the event, many youngsters learned about the opportunities that the AYCH project offers within its objective of supporting the entrepreneurship and employment of young people in the creative sector.

Stay tuned to our social media to know where and when other events will take place!

QUESTIONS: Florent Orsoni


Florent Orsoni, Directeur Ville Durable Design Lab de L’École du Design Nantes Atlantique ( Aych partner ) is a person concerned about education in all areas that it reaches young people in an effective way.

What can AYCH contribute to the current European Education System?

AYCH is a project which is “open”. Open source, open to everyone… Online. We need to build new paths to encourage people for entrepreneurhip or  daring to innovate in companies or in life. We are facing new challenges (climate change, AI…) which will need new answers, new ways of organisation. 

AYCH allows to take key ressources as design thinking, business model, but also key technologies to develop YOUR ideas and projects which tackle the everyday challenges we are facing. Ressources, cases studies (failures and success) will be examinated and we will try to set up an open model of educational collaboration between partners.   

Is It necessary that there are parallel models of Education for young people?

It is necessary because everyone is different. There is still a necessity to have roots in traditional education, but we have numerous opporunities with now computers & web give you direct access to knowledge. It allows to have numerous way to develop a project. 

How to manage the ressources, how to use it for my project ?  AYCH is a huge opportunity to enhance digital litteracy, to take the good ressources at the good moment. It’s a good opportunity to give power to young people to follow their own ways to develop project that make real sense. 

Transnational Education should be enhanced more and how can we get it?

We need to have shared & usable tools, but also different specialities. It’s an “hub” organisation : for my project in MEDIA, I will train in Plymouth, if I have textiles elements, I will discuss with Santo Tirso… etc. The idea is to have the most widest range of competences around a network of places following the same goals & almost the same process.  


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JOAO SOUSA in Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs


“João Sousa, student finalist from the Fashion Design course of the Porto School of Fashion and Design, one of the 4 young people, from the Municipality of Santo Tirso, that participated in the “Atlantic Brainstorming Creativity & Jobs”, in Lugo, 11st to 13th April 2018, is developing a Fashion Collection , entitled “Filhos do Lago”, for the next Summer Season 2019, with the support of the HUB “Fábrica de Santo Tirso”, which will be presented on the 18th October 2018, in the Bloom|Portugal Fashion. This participation in the national event results from the 1st place that obtained in February 2018 through the contest of New Creators PFN (Portuguese Fashion News). The theme of this collection run way to Thailand.”

As Joao you can have an opportunity, come to our event in Santo Tirso and enjoy a complete program in the AYCH OPEN DAY SANTO TIRSO.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs helps young people like their ideas come true in search of a future life project. It also connects young people from all over Europe through its transnational network to create synergies in a new educational model.

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Unlocking potential with young people and their communities

Space is a bold, confident and enthusiastic learning organisation that unlocks the potential of young people and their communities by providing a safe space to grow, connect and inspire each other. We bring integrity and collaboration through all of our work and provide a wide range of targeted, needs-led, and professional services.

We support young people from all backgrounds to learn, create and realise their potential by providing a space to hang out with mates, talk about things you can’t ask your parents, gain confidence and try new things.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise and as an independent organisation, we are able to focus on delivering the best services for young people in our communities. We manage risks, we are respectful whilst creating a fun space for people to grow, and we’re determined to give people a second chance as well as a third, fourth, and fifth one.

5 countries, more than 60 creative youngsters and tons of imagination!


They arrived in Lugo (Spain) on the 10th of April. They came from North Ireland, England, France, Portugal and Spain. Youth, creativity, heads full of dreams and willing to make it in the creative industry, were their common characteristics and main reasons to be gathered around the first event of project Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs.
The project AYCH (co-financed by Interreg Atlantic Area) has offered them the opportunity to improve their skills and discover new ones, to have access to innovative tools, and a chance to design their own way into artistic sectors. Because in AYCH, any kind of arts is welcome!

On the 12th and 13th of April in Lugo, these youngsters have been involved in workshops, brainstorming and exchanges with experts in the creative industry and business.
The main goal of the event was to create prototypes of products and services responding to an increasing social challenge of our time: plastics in our oceans.

Are you a young creative with blooming ideas in mind? You want your career to follow your aspiration as an artist? It is time to contact us!

You could be part of our next event, which will help to launch the ambitions and careers of a new generation of responsible youth that can address the social and environmental issues of the future, putting creativity and design at the center of site-based development and regeneration.

More to come in the next posts. Stay tuned! Loads of surprises from our creative youngsters on the way!

Pablo Castro: Aych en Lugo

Hoy hablamos con Pablo Castro, encargado de la oficina de Asuntos Europeos de Vida Láctea y Coordinador de Actividades en el proyecto Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs.

¿Cual puede ser la importancia de Aych para la juventud de Lugo?

Proyectos como el Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs AYCH tienen un impacto vital en la juventud de una ciudad como Lugo, donde el paro juvenil puede llegar a ser una preocupación.

Por ello toda la ayuda de la Unión Europea es crucial, y el proyecto AYCH casa a la perfección al tratarse de un proyecto orientado no sólo a la formación, sino también a fomentar el emprendimiento juvenil, la trasnacionalidad y la búsqueda de nuevas formas de desarrollo de proyectos e ideas; AYCH contribuye de manera sustancial a dotar a los jóvenes de las herramientas necesarias tanto para hacer realidad sus proyectos como para abrirse camino en el mundo laboral.

Lugo ha especializado su incubadora en lo audiovisual, cual es el motivo principal de haberlo hecho y que puede ofrecer a los jóvenes de Lugo?

Lugo tiene en su entorno una casuística especial: la escasez de desarrollo tecnológico relacionado con el prototipaje de producto, debido a que Lugo es una provincia con un trasfondo rural que poco a poco va adaptando su estilo de vida a las nuevas tecnologías. Los jóvenes hoy en día se encuentran inmersos en el uso de aparatos de última generación, uso de redes sociales e internet; y por esa razón se optó por fomentar las herramientas audiovisuales, las cuales a parte de brindar un camino diferente al ya existente, pueden ser empleadas para fomentar y expandir sus líneas de negocio.

Accediendo a nuestra incubadora los jóvenes de Lugo serán asesorados por nuestro equipo de expertos, recibirán formación de distinto tipo, tendrán acceso a lo último en tecnología y formarán parte de un proyecto transnacional. El Proyecto AYCH cuenta entre sus acciones la de realizar procesos de incubación de manera transnacional entre los distintos socios del proyecto, establecidos en cuatro países del Arco Atlántico (España, Francia, Portugal y Reino Unido). Por lo que de ser interesante para el incubado cabría la posibilidad de realizar un corto período de formación en una de las incubadoras de nuestros socios en el extranjero, de manera gratuita.

Nuestro sistema de incubación sigue las líneas formativas del Proyecto AYCH, por lo que persigue el formar al joven para que sea capaz de pensar por sí mismo, planteándose el tipo de ayuda que necesita, cómo podría mejorar su idea o incluso si sería necesario un intercambio con uno de nuestros socios en otro país. Este tipo de formación tiene también un importante impacto económico-social ya que de nuestra incubadora audiovisual podrían surgir novedosas formas de fomentar líneas de negocio muy tradicionales; como por ejemplo una explotación ganadera.

Pero no sólo nuestra incubadora está especializada en lo audiovisual, también tenemos otras opciones dirigidas al prototipaje y desarrollo de producto a través de nuevas tecnologías.

Para este año 2019-2020, cuales son los objetivos de Vida Lactea para Aych? Que quieren hacer?

En Septiembre de 2018 el partenariado del proyecto depositó en nosotros su confianza al ceder la gestión de la Comunicación del proyecto a Vida Láctea. Durante estos meses hemos abierto nuevas redes sociales y reforzado de forma notoria los medios de comunicación que existían previamente. El objetivo que nos marcamos para el 201-2020  no se basa tanto en darle un impulso aún mayor al apartado de Comunicación como en utilizar los medios disponibles para hacer llegar toda la información posible a los jóvenes.



AYCH Kids Drawing Contest 2019

“The Atlantic Ocean, a sustainable environment for all!”


Atlantic Cities organises a drawing contest for children of
the following Atlantic countries:
Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.
Theme: “The Atlantic Ocean, a sustainable environment for all!”
Imagine the future of the Atlantic Seaside and express your creativity!
This contest is open to all children between 8 and 11 years old of public
and private schools. Participate and get a chance to win a sustainable gift
We believe youth has the power to change the world and inspire others.
Through this contest, our main goal is to raise awareness on sustainability
and environmental protection by giving a voice to children and allowing
them to showcase their creativity.