Terra Creative Jam


On the 25th and 26th of November Lug Open Factory organized the Terra Creativa Jam, into the framework of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs programme of Interreg Atlantic Area.

It is an event organized through the Area of ​​Valorization, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (AVTE) and with the collaboration of the Area of ​​Labor Orientation in the Campus Terra USC of Lugo, with the aim of developing new ways for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

You can give look to the pictures of our activities here!

Here you can find the video of the winning prototype of the Terra Creativa Hackathon.

International Creative Jam of Município de Santo Tirso: Coming soon!

The days 10 and 11 of December there is going to take place the International Creative Jam of Município de Santo Tirso, member of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project from

Interreg Atlantic Area.
This event will gather experts, partners and young people of the whole project in a 100% virtual 2-days event.
This event will have 6 themes specifically designed for the occasion.
Fashion is no longer just what is beautiful, but also what is sustainable. The fashion industry has a big impact on the environment and the future is to reuse with design. Will everything be part of the circular economy?
The elderly population is growing and with it comes many challenges, especially on the Health sector. How can technology improve our current healthcare system?
More than ever we’re seeking people that share the same interests as we do. It is after all, what makes us human in this new digital world. How will the communities of the future will be built? How will they connect and interact? How will we remain local in this globalized society?
With this new remote context, comes new concerns and incentives to flee from big cities to rural areas, create new habits with environmental concern and building more smart villages than smart cities.
Standardized experiences are no longer attractive to new generations, as they result in a similar outcome for the user.
Experiencing local and tailor-made experiences are what makes us unique and drive our local cultures forward.
The current pandemic has made us accelerate some digital transformation processes. Remote is no longer the future, it is the present. How can we do business, interact with fellow coworkers, learn and educate in this new context?
More info here

Interreg Atlantic Area annual event


Several partners of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project are attending the Interreg Atlantic Area annual event 2020.

From the AYCH Project we would like to congratulate the Atlantic Area Programme for being 30 years contributing to a smart and strong region.

AYCH Creative Careers – Episode 4

Ellie Wilding Creative Director Video Caption for Instagram
Did you meet Tamara last week? What a superstar! If you tuned in you’ll have heard what being a Creative Strategist is like… but what’s the difference between that and a Creative Director? If you liked Tamara’s talk, or couldn’t make it, or just want ALL THE KNOWLEDGE about creative careers, join Ellie TONIGHT at 19:30 on our website for an interview and live Q&A.
Whatever your next step in life, give yourself a serious power up by joining us for our Creative Careers: Expert Insights live events. The best way to get a career you love and build the life you want is to put a little time in and hear from a range of people who’ve been there, done that, and want to give you a helping hand.

AYCH Creative Careers – Episode 3

Are you a creative boss? Enjoy solving problems and helping others but don’t want a normal 9-5?
Being a creative strategist might be for you. Create impactful campaigns for nonprofits or big organisations. Turn ideas into action with creativity, strategic thinking and the ability to lead teams to success.
Find out more next Tuesday 17th November at 19:30 over on our website.
Tamara Askew, Creative Strategist, will be joining us to fill you in on all the details and answer your questions live as part of our Creative Careers: Expert Insights project with Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs from Interreg Atlantic Area by our partner Space

Online AYCH Workshop: Youtube for entreprises


As part of the European project AYCH (Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs), Gijón Impulsa, as colaborador del Ayuntamiento de Gijón, partner of the proyecto a través de Asuntos Europeos de Gijón, is organizing a series of talleres sobre emprendimiento y tecnologías habilitadoras.

El próximo 16 y 23 de noviembre the creative academia Wukap will offer an online workshop divided into 2 session of one hour each, to get the most out of YouTube as a marketing and content dissemination tool for finding new customers and establishing a community around your brand.

The objectives of this workshop are to learn how to create professional contents for YouTube and social networks, to discover the tools available to speed up creation, create new ways of monetization and incentivize alternative economic income.

The workshop will be given by Daniel Morales, or better known as Hermoti, an aeronautical engineer who after 7 years in the industry, changed his life by the artistic world, making himself known through YouTube: songs, parodies, imitations, dubbing, interviews , humor…

After millions of visits and of the most viral of 2017, he managed to consolidate his career in the ShowBusiness in through social networks.

For any questions, you can write to acadavieco@gijon.es

AYCH Creative Careers

Our partner Space has developed a series of successful journeys with young people in a virtual way. Here are the sensations that the activity left on Space*’s experts
A big thank you to all that joined us for the first episode of our YouTube live stream series:
Creative Careers, and joined us in Discord for the Live Q&A. The series features interviews with creative industry professionals about their work and gives you the chance to chat to them.
Thanks to our first professional creative JON TURNER – music artist manager – who generously shared his insights, and some tips & tricks of the trade, as an artist manager in 2020.
The stream has been viewed over 100 times (and counting!) in under a week; the Discord based live Q&A was popping; and two young people are now in contact with our industry professional to take the next steps in their CREATIVE CAREERS.
What a success!!
It’s not too late to hear what Jon had to share, because you can

Interreg Atlantic Area annual event

Join us at the Interreg Atlantic Area annual event!
18.11.2020 from 14:00 to 16:30
We want to share with you what is being done for the benefit of the Atlantic regions and their citizens!!

Youth Work during the lockdown

Do you want to know how the work with young people took place during the lockdown?
Take a look at this article from our partner Space and discover the incredible job they done with youngsters.

AYCH Space* incubation  during Lockdown incubation

During Lockdown our AYCH groups still met up via Google hangouts. The first couple weeks were challenging, we didn’t have the equipment we needed and we all had to adjust to the virtual meetings. Luckily we had Rich, who not only supported us with our projects, but was always there to talk to through the difficulties of lockdown. As a group we slowly adapted and began working on our individual projects again. During our weekly meetings we would talk about our projects and any progress or difficulties we had. Everyone in our group has a diverse range of knowledge and skills, so despite our projects being quite different we always try and help one another out where we can. Over the past couple weeks we have begun having business talks presented by Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos has been teaching us about different aspects of business, he shows examples from popular businesses, such as Apple, Oreo and Google and explains what marketing methods they used to become the recognisable and trusted brands they are today. Carlos’ talks have been helping us to think deeper about our projects and how as groups and individuals we plan to move through the next couple months of incubation.

We have been working online and recently at the youth club on the Hydroeco prototype and designing the new fablab at the Exmouth youth center. Laura has been working with the expert Fiona on the 360 model and we have 3D printed a couple of prototypes.

Lucy has made the logo design for the new fab lab and vinyl cut it out while Rich and Tom finished building it.

Tom has been working with Rich to build the Lab putting together the units and making decisions on the layout of the space. He also took home the 3D scanner over lockdown to work out how it works.

At AYCH Space, we have got off to an amazing start with our French friends at Brest Metropole and Loca music with input from Daisi’s peer music educators in incubation with us. This is a 7-week project with young musicians from France and the UK coming together to make music over the internet, with as diverse styles as hip-hop, rock, indie, and electronica coming together to collaborate. We hope in 7 weeks to have made a concert piece to be performed at the AYCH’s finale event in Brest France Feb 2021.