The purpose of the Youth Summit is to encourage reflections around 3 challenges that have been at the core of AYCH’s actions: Social EntrepreneurshipCreative Education and Workforce of Tomorrow. At this event, we provide an opportunity to young people to think, to present and to share their vision to their peers and a wider audience. AYCH is providing the framework for young people to work collaboratively to build official recommendations for an Agenda 2030 and is committed to raise this at a European level.

Challenge #1: Social Entrepreneurship

The objective of this roundtable is to break the stereotypes around the paradox between entrepreneurship and sustainability. By definition, entrepreneurship should be in contradiction with sustainability, because producing wealth is damaging the earth. Yet, it is unrealistic to expect a world without entrepreneurs and not desirable also since growth is mandatory for the development of a country and to erase poverty.

Therefore, social entrepreneurship is necessary in order to combine the two notions. But how is it fair to ask a young person to sacrifice its profit in order for their business to respect sustainable criterion when older business didn’t have to take that into account? What is the limit? That will be the whole point of this roundtable. Besides, there will be a specific focus on the blue economy because of the growing place it’s taking nowadays.

Challenge #2: From Creative Education to Impactful Careers 

This round table brings together in conversation professionals from different disciplines who make a societal impact through their work within creative education, the arts, and community-led initiatives. Through sharing pedagogical innovations and inspiring career stories  they will explore ideas about creative ways of learning, how creative professionals are able to make a substantial social and environmental impact within their careers and impactfully shape our society, and how these relate to the aspirations of young people in the contemporary world.

Challenge #3: Workforce of Tomorrow 

The way we do work is changing rapidly. This round table will explore the ways we will work from now on and the news skills that are required. Hard skills are no longer the most important, being quickly replaced by soft skills and a creative mindset. What are the skills of tomorrow?

Also, remote positions are taking people from offices and revolutionizing everything. How do we see into the future and prepare for the unknown?

Gather your crystal ball, because these are the questions that we will try to answer during this event to map how the workforce of tomorrow is going to be!

30 recommendations for a Creative Europe: Agenda 2030

Working with creative methods during 44 months has shown us the importance of implementing creativity at different levels of decision making, as well as revealing the possibilities of change for people and the impacts on territories.

We are keen to and accept the responsibility to accompany young people in their design of  an official Agenda 2030: 30 recommendations for a Creative Europe. AYCH partners are setting the framework for young people to think, to share and to design collectively actionable and aspirational recommendations for a creative Europe. Partners are committed to bring this Agenda 2030 to the European Parliament in the name of European young people.

The objective of this facilitated discussion is to bring together the work of Challenges 1-3, to focus on the top 3 prepositions of each of the challenges with an expert in the field & achieve a live signature of the declaration by partners.