Our partners Fundaciรณn Galicia Europa, Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela and Vida Lรกctea will present the results of the Aych project during the 30th Network Meetingโ€ of the Erasmus Entrepreneurs Program in a physical stand that will be able to visit more than 180 participants in this meeting who come from 40 countries where they can participate in an activity of ideation and design of ideas. We will also participate in the Virtual Exhibition that the organization created for this event that will be held on March 7 and 8.
Aych Tour is a Presentation by a transnational AYCH team (2 or 3 partners) in new local or transnational locations and venues. At these events the AYCH methodology will be demonstrated in action as young people can develop an ideation activity in one day. This activity builds on the previously successful Local Creative Jams activity and brings it to relevant creative and educational spaces (for example museums, galleries, fablabs).
The profile of those attending the event is that of managers of the Erasmus Entrepreneurs program throughout Europe; technicians from universities, business centers, entrepreneurship hubs, technology parks, cities, regions, etc; in addition to heads of different European programs in the investment unit of the Executive Agency for the European Council for Innovation and SMEs (EISMEA) and of the Directorate General for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission in charge of the program.


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