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In Brest, Science Hack Day takes place every year, carried by the UBO Open Factory (the fab lab of the university) and Les Petits Débrouillards, a popular education association for science. This year, the Atlantic Youth Creative Hub project joined the event!

Science Hack Day, what is it?

Science Hack Day is an open creativity festival! Curious, handy, friendly, are welcome, the only criteria are curiosity, the desire to do together in the general interest

150 hackers, hackers and curious science and digital inclusive

They are students, volunteers in civic service or ordinary citizens! They met from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November at the sports hall of the University of Western Brittany.

Their objective ? Imagine together 14 creative and sustainable projects to imagine the city of tomorrow.

13 mentors, 11 experts, 2 Fablab spaces.

Thirteen mentors guided the teams in the construction of their project. Eleven experts in design, economics & ethics, internet of things and open data have also mobilized to help them move forward. In parallel, a digital fablab and a low-tech space were set up thanks to the support of the Fablab of the UBO Open Factory, the “Fabriques du Ponant”, the “Center de Contemporary Art Passerelle” and the “Fablab Iroise”.

This is the first year that a mentoring system is offered at Science Hack Day. The idea came to fruition with the participation of Pierre Yves Jaouen (fabmanager at the Open Factory) at Lugo’s Creative Jam, where each team was accompanied by a mentor.

14 creative and sustainable projects to imagine the city of tomorrow

A sensor measuring the quality of the air, a connected white cane protoype, a public space for artistic collaboration, a sports structure for people with reduced mobility, a material library, intelligent bins … Find all the projects developed during the Science Hack Day here!

2 AYCH partners represented!

As part of AYCH, a group of 5 students from Plymouth College of Arts, along with a fabmanager and the project coordinator participated in Science Hack Day. They were able to build teams around their project and advance on their prototypes.

The communication team of the project also made the trip, to cover the event but also to support the teams who wish to develop video for their prototype!

Gwenaelle Goyat

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