Tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd

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When writing a curriculum, two factors must be taken into account: the content and the design.


The CV has to be adapted to the position to which we want to apply. There are 5 elements that should always be present:

  • Personal information: address, e-mail, age, telephone, driving license…
  • Significant experiences for our objective: if we have just entered the job market, we must give priority to non-work experiences, such as volunteering. Also, do not limit yourself to list them, as it is important to describe the functions performed.
  • Formations: they must be written in order, from the most recent to the oldest, specifying the date of obtaining the diploma
  • Personal skills: maximum 6, and it is important not to fall into clichés
  • Hobbies: it is advisable to give visibility to those most related to the position we want to obtain, and take into account what can be transmitted from our personality

Key points to remember: remember to use a professional photo, limit yourself to three sources and three different colours, and only include the social networks that are aimed for professional use.


To have a CV which is original, creative and that draws the attention of the employer, we can use Canva. It is a website that has design templates of all kinds, which are free to use and edit as we like. At we can choose one of the numerous CV templates and then begin to edit it. It is possible to change the colour (blue, for example, usually attracts the human eye), the font, the arrangement of the elements… This is can be done in a simple and intuitive way. In addition, Canva has an automatic auto-save function, so you do not have to worry if the computer shuts down suddenly.

Regarding the design, it is advisable to keep a consistency: if we use rounded pictograms, we should follow this style throughout the whole CV. The pictograms can be used in the hobbies section, for example, which should always go last. If we want to upload photos, we can apply a filter directly to them in Canva and thus they will all have the same colour. An idea to arrange the formations is to add a line that represents the time, and next to it write the diplomas in order. The background should not be very loud; if we add a colour, we can play with the transparencies so that the result is soberer.

Many employers prefer to print the CV at the time of examination, so it is suggested to print it at home before sending it to check that everything is correct, such as colours. The best saving option is PDF Standard.

Now is the time to get your CV ready and get encouraged to participate in the activities of Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs.

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