Rue des Livres, a literary festival adapted to the creative concerns of our time

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From the 22nd to the 25th of March, the annual literary festival «Rue des Livres» took place in Rennes, France. Talks, readings, workshops and book presentations by forty writers were carried on during that weekend. This event brought a creative approach to the book world and offered a literary festival far from traditional expectations. In this line, there were some interesting activities such as the drawing battle, in which two teams of young people fought in an improvised duel following comic book challenges. The scoring? The audience’s applause. Another interesting activity was the corner dedicated to audiobooks. There, the assistants would sit down to enjoy the reading out loud by professionals through the headphones provided by the organizers.

Literary festivals have existed for decades, but it is up to the people who organise them to renew them and bring a more creative and attractive approach that awakens (or renews) the love of reading and gets adapted to the new ways in which the society approaches the book world.

Creativity does not necessarily mean starting from scratch, but also rethinking and reconstructing ideas that are already part of our societies. Are you in? With our project Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs we can help you to stimulate your creativity and to approach the area of your choice you with desire to innovate.

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