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At the beginning, friends might be added in order to access a larger network. More experimented profiles would inspire the job seeker about which career path to follow. Likewise, recommendations on our LinkedIn profiles must be sought after our former employers.

The elements that cannot be written on the CV and even personal hobbies can convey different aspects of personality. For example, playing an instrument may mean concentration skills.

Should you want to pursue a career in the creativity field, your profile ought to look artistic, original and communicative. Personal creations such as blogs or Flickr accounts should be added. Talking about extra-curricular activities could be convenient for showing engagement in Art organisations!

As per visibility on the social network, other LinkedIn features to manage are the keywords, the group discussions and the posts. Participation in discussion groups related to the field of choice manifests interest on the topic and can help meeting new people of the field. Sharing articles or writing personal posts will drag attention to our profiles. Last but not least, keywords in LinkedIn work as hashtags on Twitter, so they are relevant when employers are doing their search.

And the golden rule: never lie when filling the profile.

Should you like to join the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs community on LinkedIn, do not hesitate to send us your profile!

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