Les Giboulées, the multidisciplinary arts festival made by students

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Who said young people do not care about anything? In Rennes (France), some university students wanted to take the culture to the streets and to make it accessible to everyone. They launched the multidisciplinary arts festival Les Giboulées three years ago. The third session took place the 17th and 18th of march at different neighbourhoods of the city, usually outside, and it was funded thanks to crowdfunding. This year they decided to have a high level of accessibility, including some activities performed by and for disabled people.

Cristina Rodríguez Alonso, from the Secretariat of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, attended the festival.  Among the activities there was a concert of 13-15 years-old teenagers that play Afro-Trap to change the negative stereotyped vision of their neighbourhood, a feminist theatre show that mixed classical and contemporary influences and a tactile street art exhibit around the city. Throughout the weekend the city was full of dance spectacles, circus performances, storytelling shows, concerts, interactive art sessions… and most of the activities had a social perspective. All of them organised, designed, performed and disseminated by young people.

This is a good example of the spirit of the AYCH project: creativity and initiative to develop a project.

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