Conference on Artistic and Cultural Education

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Grand Angoulême

Entitled “Artistic and cultural education: the shared aesthetic experience, an educational and democratic challenge”, Alain Kerlan’s lecture will deal with the meeting of children with works and artists as well as their artistic practice as an educational tool. development of the young citizen. Alain Kerlan will also be a scientific surety during the training day (also on March 27th) for teachers, educators and cultural actors.

Alain Kerlan is a doctor of philosophy, professor of universities emeritus in sciences of education at the University Lyon II, where he directed the Institute of sciences of education at the Institute of Sciences and Practices of Education and training (IFSEP). His work is at the crossroads of philosophy and pedagogy, art and education, and crosses that of sociologists of education. Concerned with the relationships between art, society and education, he leads a reflection and a personal research at the crossroads of aesthetics and educational philosophy. He also devotes a part of his teaching and reflection to the field of training. Member of the Joint Research Unit Education and Policy (University Lyon 2), he develops and directs research and expertise on artistic and cultural practices, meetings and intersections of the world of art and culture. world of school and training, educational institutions and cultural institutions. He is the author of several books.

The lecture will be followed by the screening of the film A Crazy Idea directed by Judith Grumbach. Filmed in nine public and private schools, from kindergarten to middle school, in the four corners of France, Une Idée Folle raises the question of the role of the school in the 21st century. What challenges will the citizens of tomorrow face and how to prepare them? By cultivating empathy, creativity, cooperation, initiative taking, or the confidence and self and the critical mind of the pupils, in parallel with the fundamental knowledge, the teachers of these schools make the crazy dream of forming a a future generation of fulfilling and responsible citizens who will be keen to positively transform the society around them.

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