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Every Tuesday a group of jobseekers meet at the Library les Champs Libres in Rennes. There, in an informal environment, they share their expertise and their doubts; they give advice to each other and share resources. This is called CoJob, a meeting that belongs to a wider platform and takes place in many French cities.

In Rennes, this meeting takes place in the framework of Les Rendez-Vous 4C, free cooperative workshops about different topics where the participants explore together different options and ways of facing the unemployment challenge.

Being unemployed can sometimes feel a little isolating, so these meetings are also a way to find people that are experiencing the same personal situation and can encourage each other. The participants come from different backgrounds and have different objectives: to change their careers, to enter the job market after college, to find an opportunity in a concrete area, to become entrepreneurs…

This initiative shows how people really care about their own entrepreneurship and employability needs. It also proves that when we are together we can achieve bigger things.

In a transnational scale, Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs intends to do the same for the youth of the Atlantic Arc. Thus, it facilitates the meeting between youngsters from different horizons with agents that facilitate entrepreneurship, creation and support for them. The Creative Jam of April will offer a space for free exchange and creation where they will share and co-produce their own projects for the future.

Creative youngsters, are you ready to get inspired and share your ideas?

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